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Safe and Hardy Alternatives To Poisonous Plants, Shrubs & Trees 

Do you have these plants around young children / vulnerable people (e.g. preschools, schools, disability services)❓
1 – Duranta (Duranta erecta)
2 – Privet (Ligustrum sp)
3 – Box hedge (Buxus sempervirens)

Or Coral trees (Erythrina × sykesii)?

Or other 50+ common, popular, and hardy plants, shrubs, and trees that are poisonous / hazardous?

If you do - the solution is not far.

If you don't - which is admirable - you are likely facing any of these four challenges (based on my observations from 150+ services - early childhood, schools, specialist schools, disability services):

🚫 No greenery
🚫 Unsuitable – e.g. indoor plants burned by the sun, or plastic plants
🚫 Greenery non-native on-premises that advocate for the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives 
🚫 Plants, shrubs, trees are suitable, but people are unaware or indifferent

Erythrina × sykesii) Macs (3).jpg

Balance Safety and Greenery Around Children & Vulnerable People

It’s true that compliance and safety were the primary drivers for developing the Greenery Guidebook For Little Hands & Beyond - now available to you.

But there is much more to greenery that compliance...

If you want to have peace of mind, sleep at night while breathing air purified by safe, hardy, and compliant indoor plants..

Walk outside to enjoy safe, hardy, and, often edible natives in your yard…

While growing food in your mulched gardens all year round, in the right soil / potting mix, knowing how to handle various garden visitors without spraying nasties.. 

But, most importantly, involving your children, colleagues, and families...

Screenshot 2022-05-03 101124-min.png
Greenery Guidebook For Little Hands & Beyond
(e-book) has the answers incl:
✅ Indoor Plants (19 plants)
✅ Outdoor Plants & Trees (64 plants, shrubs & trees, 67% native)
✅ Gardening Guide (incl. natural pest & plant disease control)
✅ Seasonal Planting Guide
🛑 Plants to Avoid / Keep Out of Reach (54 plants)
✅ Bottle Labels (for natural pest & plant disease control)

As a limited-time BONUS, you’ll also get:

👉 Wormfarming Factsheet and A3 Poster
👉 A3 Composting Poster
👉 Short VIDEO OVERVIEW (to make it easy and digestible).
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