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From Jan Rajnoch, Sustainable Butterflies 

Is Your Yard Getting Too Hot?
Is It Too Artificial?
You're Not Alone
(ECCs | OOSH | Schools | Homes)

    ..which means that children are paying the price for something they didn't cause.

    🔥 19 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000 
🔥 Heatwaves kill more people than all other natural disasters combined
🔥 Heatwaves are predicted to get hotter and longer 
🔥 Yards in ECCs, schools, and homes are getting hotter
🔥 Children’s visits to the ED (in the US) rose 12% during summers 

Most ECC, OOSH, and school yards are full of concrete, astroturf, and artificial materials that capture, trap, and release heat👇


  Don't know what to do?
Don't have millions on renos? 


Let me introduce you to the... 

Heatwave Adapter & Yard Naturalizer 

– a hands-on, practical and low-budget online mini-course with 
20 actionable tips
on how to
cool down hot yards in ECCs, OOSH, schools, and homes, and make them more natural.

Tailored to teachers/educators, early childhood/school directors, sustainability enthusiasts, education pros, contractors, and parents Australia-wide. 


   The Heatwave Adapter & Yard Naturalizer reveals:

✅ Five pillars of successful heatwave adaptation 
    ✅ Four ways of cooling down vertically
    ✅ Five ways of cooling down horizontally
✅ Pros and cons of seven outdoor surface materials
  ✅13 things to consider before selecting trees    
    ✅ How to adapt to the Urban Heat Island Effect
    ✅ How to select and position shade trees 
    ✅ Best plant types and their positioning to cool down 
✅ Which type of frog pond (out of four) to select
✅ Which type of dry creek bed to
✅ How to turn a conventional, institution-like fence into a natural one
✅ How to turn your yard from uninspiring, bare, and linear to a stimulating and curvy outdoor space with healthy challenges  

✅ Pros and cons of a turtle mound
✅ And more

This works even if you can’t afford expensive renovations, e.g. excavating concrete.

The mini-course consists of two parts:
1) Video lectures (prerecorded) where I walk you through each of these 20 tips
2) PDF Blueprint listing all tips (with photos and examples) so you can start implementing them in your ECC, OOSH, school, or home right away! 


“I found the course very informative as we are a small service in a new building that has been set up with a bitumen outside play area and we are finding it quite hot and sterile..”

Sandra Glover
Year Round Coordinator, 
Wollondilly Shire Council

“I found the course very interesting …. Just need a frog pond!

Jacqui Young
Administration Manager, Coffs Harbour Community Preschool

👉 Do it from anywhere, at your own pace, in your own time
👉 Weave in Exceeding themes
    👉 No time limit
👉 Learn on your laptop, desktop, phone, or iPad
👉 Compliance is factored in (both in the lectures and blueprint).

Some tips require Risk Assessment 
  👉 Lifetime access
    👉 Go beyond QA3

    👉 The mini-course is tailored to the Australian education and care sector (ECCs/OOSH/Schools).
It’s NOT a generic sustainability course (because
those don’t address things like poisonous plants, scalable objects e.g. green walls near fences, drowning hazards, Anaphylaxis..)

👉 Great for PD 


Start COOLING DOWN and NATURALIZING in 2 easy steps!

1) Click the orange button to register on LearnDesk (an online learning platform where the mini-course is hosted). You'll get your own unique log-in 

2) Pay the course price of $97 and start learning today

You're also getting..
Greenery Guidebook for Little Hands & Beyond 
10 Compliance and Sustainability Touchpoints
circle-cropped (2).png
During my ten years in the Australian education and care sector, having directly helped over 180 ECCs and schools become sustainable (and over 1,400 indirectly), I've seen many approaches and mistakes that are costing services thousands of dollars, and our shared planet thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases (not to mention poisonous & unsuitable greenery, excessive waste, wasted water and resources, toxic products, non-compliant practices, misaligned teams, etc).
Heatwave yard adaptation (childcare/early childhood, schools, OOSH) and Yard naturalization complement my sustainability audits and other services.

Master of Environmental Management (UNSW)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Southern Cross University)
Certificate III in Horticulture (TAFE NSW)
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