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From Jan Rajnoch, Sustainable Butterflies

Did you know that 70% of early childhood centers have poisonous/hazardous plants


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4 out of 54 common poisonous plants ^

Ranging from harmful if eaten (e.g. Peace Lily) to lethal (e.g. Oleander). Some of these plants grow well indoors (e.g. Devil’s Ivy) or have beautiful flowers (e.g. Wisteria) which makes them popular.

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“Thanks Jan! I didn't know Wisterias were poisonous


Centre Manager, Coffs Harbour NSW

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During my nine years in the Australian education and care sector, having directly helped over 170 ELCs and schools become sustainable (and over 1,400 indirectly), I've seen many approaches and mistakes that are costing centers thousands of dollars, and our shared planet thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases (not to mention poisonous & unsuitable greenery, wasted water and resources, toxic products, non-compliant practices, misaligned teams, etc).

Greenery falls under my 5X Transformation framework.

Master of Environmental Management (UNSW)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Southern Cross University)
Certificate III in Horticulture (TAFE NSW)
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