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Jan from Sustainable Butterflies presents:

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Everything depends on the health of our planet. 

This basic truth, in the face of climate change and environmental degradation, should be immediately graspable.
Unfortunately, today, it isn’t.
What we have instead is confusion, with a narrow, linear, and reductive doctrine of decarbonization on the one hand, and an all-inclusive buffet of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with their 169 targets, promising everything and delivering nothing, on the other. 

We either obsessively focus on one thing – decarbonization – or are too distracted by the multiple SDGs to do anything useful at all. 

But people have innate environmental, as well as spiritual, or religious, sensibilities.

The Green Holy Trinity offers a relatable and unifying framework that – being grafted onto the Christian Trinity – can speak to billions of people, tapping into both religious and environmental sensibilities.


Although my new book isn't about religion 
 it's an environmental/current affairs non-fiction  I owe a lot to the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity, onto which my trinity maps.

Here’s the basic idea:

The Christian God is tri-united in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit:


Our 'god' – a healthy Earth in the Anthropocene – is isomorphically tri-united in
Regulation, Direct Action, and Market Approach:

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•    Regulation maps onto the Father.
Both are rather harsh and distant, top-down, strict, authoritative, judgemental, uncompromising, ruling, non-negotiable, and demand compliance and obedience.

•    Direct Action maps onto the Son (Jesus).
Both are bottom-up, human, individual-based, vulnerable, well-intentioned, and convinced of their good, non-self-serving cause. 

•    Market Approach maps onto the Holy Spirit.
Both are universal, ubiquitous, invisible, de-personalized, and neither top-down nor bottom-up.


In the Green Holy Trinity, the central meeting point for all three entities, the ground, the home, is our ‘god’, a healthy Earth, which, underpinning everything else and life itself, is something that is – that MUST be – sacred, in the way the Christian God is both the foundational ground, the home and sacred meeting point for the Christian entities.

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You can get The Green Holy Trinity either on Amazon (paperback
or Kindle ebook) or as a downloadable PDF directly HERE.

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     I’ve always been interested in, and committed to, helping nature and the environment, and this book is one manifestation of my commitment.

I've been working in the environmental sustainability field since 2013, first as a Sustainability Manager at a large organization, and, since 2020, as Director of Sustainable Butterflies. 

My other interests include philosophy, history, religion, psychology, art, and neuroscience. 

Master of Environmental Management (UNSW)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Southern Cross University)
Certificate III in Horticulture (TAFE NSW)
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