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From Jan Rajnoch, Sustainable Butterflies

Reduce Waste That Matters at 
Your ECC, School, OOSH, or Home

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After behaviour change,


is the most important yet most challenging sustainability area for educators/teachers & CMs in ECCs and Schools Australia-wide...

But in what way is waste challenging?
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It's WASTE REDUCTION that's the most important and most challenging
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Are YOU ready to
Reduce Waste That Matters at 
Your ECC, School, OOS
H, or Home? 

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shows you how to reduce waste at your service in and out.

– It's a tailored Waste-Reduction Course (online) for e
ducators/teachers, CMs, and parents in ECCs, schools, and homes who are struggling with waste reduction.

Here's what you'll learn through

    ✅ Meet the 5 biggest issues with waste reduction in the Aus. education & care sector
  ✅ See the key national waste reduction trends & where you fit in

    ✅ Discover 3 hard-to-reduce waste types in ECCs & Schools (and how you can reduce them)
✅ Meet the ONLY waste type contributing to climate change & learn 5 ways of reducing it
    ✅ See how one large service reduced their landfill waste (red bin) by 1/3 and saved $
✅ What could be the biggest waste reduction opportunity for many ECCs (an emerging trend)
    ✅ Learn how to negotiate your waste contract to reduce landfill and save $
✅ Get strategies for success – drive sustainable change through waste reduction at your service (get people on board) 
✅ And more


WASTERMINATOR follows this formula:

👉 Get people on board    
👉 Do it from anywhere, at your own pace, in your own time

👉 Learn on your laptop, desktop, phone, or iPad
👉 Weave in Exceeding themes
    👉 No time limit
  👉 Lifetime access
    👉 Go beyond QA3
    👉 It’s
a generic waste/sustainability course. It IS specific to the Australian education and care sector and the people who work in it
👉 Great for PD 

You're also getting:
(included with the course, no additional charge)
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👇Watch this video overview of the course👇

Start WASTERMINATING in two easy steps today!

1) Click the orange button to register on LearnDesk (an online learning platform where WASTERMINATOR is hosted). You'll get your own unique log-in 

2) Pay the course price of $197 and start learning today

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During my 11 years in the Australian education and care sector, having directly helped over 170 ECCs and schools become sustainable (and over 1,400 indirectly), I've seen many approaches and mistakes that are costing services thousands of dollars, and our shared planet thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases (not to mention poisonous & unsuitable greenery, excessive waste, wasted water and resources, toxic products, non-compliant practices, misaligned teams, etc).

Waste falls under my 5X Transformation framework.

Master of Environmental Management (UNSW)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Southern Cross University)
Certificate III in Horticulture (TAFE NSW)
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