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I help organizations (e.g. early childhood, schools, SMEs, start-ups, banks) to be 🌏sustainable, which overlaps with compliance and saves $.

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Jan Rajnoch
Sustainability and Environmental Consultant 


My journey started eleven years ago - as a Sustainability Manager at a large early childhood organization (120+ centres). Since 2020, I've been running this consultancy (Sustainable Butterflies).

Having directly helped over 170 early childhood centres and schools become sustainable (and over 1,400 indirectly), I've seen many approaches and mistakes that are costing them thousands of dollars, and our shared planet thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (not to mention poisonous & unsuitable greenery, wasted water and resources, toxic products, misaligned teams, etc). 

I'm passionate about helping my clients transition to more environmentally sustainable, safer, compliant, and efficient practices.

I can help you with:

  • Reducing energy, water, and waste (incl. cost savings)

  • Reconciling sustainability and compliance

  • Developing your sustainability strategy, frameworks, systems, metrics, baselines, and targets

  • Sustainable Horticulture (edibles, natives, safe plants/trees, gardening)

  • Training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, e.g. how to get ppl on board

  • Reporting (e.g. ESG), sustainability audits

  • Adapting to climate change (e.g. through my Heatwave Adaptation Blueprint)

  • Copywriting 


My clients enjoy more than 20+ specific resources (factsheets, courses, methods, guides, tools & templates, an e-book), some of which are here.


  • Master of Environmental Management (UNSW)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Southern Cross University)

  • Certificate III in Horticulture (TAFE NSW)


  • Energy management – organizing and reviewing tenders, monitoring usage and identifying energy waste, reporting, communicating results, rewarding frugal behaviour, working with Educators, Facilities Managers, Building & Property Managers, Developers, reducing usage, energy audits, optimizing most favourable rates, analysing consolidated billing, achieving best value for the business.

  • Waste management - organizing and reviewing tenders, consolidating & optimizing waste contracts, reducing waste to landfill by increasing diversion rate, implementing wormfarms and compost bins, implementing food organics bins, communicating results, reporting, reviewing & monitoring waste streams, optimizing bin types, sizes and service frequencies, phase-out of redundant services

  • Greenery management - developing & implementing greenery resources, organizing horticulture workshops, recommending most suitable indoor and outdoor plants, assisting with gardening, horticulture advice, encouraging plant propagation, crop rotation, companion planting, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), advise on plant pest & disease

  • Procurement -  Involvement in and assistance with national tenders for cleaning products, hand care, paper towels & nappies. Involvement in roll-out of non-toxic cleaning products and hand care which is water-saving (foam-based) and reduces the risk of allergic reaction and skin irritation (dye/colour free; perfume free). Facilitating sourcing of resources from Reverse Garbage. Water saving initiatives.

  • Education & training - facilitating sustainability meetings, working with Compliance to ensure safety. Building relationships with all centres via centre visits and then by tailored sustainability feedback reports, which formalized this approach based on specific needs and requirements of each centre. Then, reviewing and reflecting on action/inaction.

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Acknowledgement by Costa for supporting the National Landcare Conference 2021 

Mission & Why I care

Sustainable Butterflies’ mission is to help educational and care organisations and businesses create healthy, safe, and sustainable environments so they can reduce their costs, improve compliance, protect the planet, and positively impact the lives of people whom they service.

For far too long, modern societies have placed the economy at the expense of the environment and society. This created challenges, e.g. climate change.


Slowly, more and more businesses and organisations are coming to realise that it is the other way around: Healthy environment gives rise to healthy, productive societies, which in turn generate healthy economies. Sustainability also saves money.


“Jan’s sustainability audit identified savings by reducing our waste and energy usage. Additionally, his audit suggested a suitable choice of greenery, and we have also been looking at optimizing our handcare and cleaning products, based on his recommendations.”

Elizabeta Stojanovska
Macedonian Community Child Care Centre - Arncliffe, NSW

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