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I help organisations (mainly schools, early childhood/childcare, but also SMEs) with sustainability:

- waste reduction (3R's)
- getting people on board
- greenery (gardening/edibles, natives, bush regen)
- resourcing (products, consumables)
- energy reduction (incl. solar)
- heatwave adaptation & naturalization
- climate change mitigation & adaptation
- reports, audits, frameworks, strategy, targets, ESG

This overlaps with compliance and saves $.



Tailored to childcare / early childhood services, OOSH, and schools.


Access sustainability-specific  courses, methods & videos.


Learn at your own pace, in your own time, anytime, and from anywhere.


Welcome! My name is Jan.


To date, I am fortunate to have helped over 1,500 ECCs and schools Australia-wide.

My journey started 11 years ago - as a Sustainability Manager at a large early childhood organization. In 2020, I began supporting my clients through 🌱Sustainable Butterflies.


"We engaged Sustainable Butterflies Consulting at our childcare service in Warabrook. Jan came through the service taking notes, asking questions, making suggestions etc. At Making Waves EEC we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious and pro-active but Jan showed us how we could easily and quickly do so much more. Even such things as all indoor and outdoor plants are photographed, identified and rated. Jan pointed out some "false economy" within our cleaning products and recommended local, enviro-friendly suppliers. When you hear the word "consulting" you fear a hefty invoice but we were really surprised at the affordability of the service. I would highly recommend getting a Sustainability Audit through Sustainable Butterflies Consulting."

Rod Jobbins

Making Waves Early Education Centre Warrabrook, NSW


Contact below | Opt-in here | 0490 109 805 | or complete below:

Will be in touch soon!

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